USPS Needs to be Congruent

Congruent – The Oxford Dictionary defines congruent as “In agreement or harmony”   or in terms of Geometry  “Identical in form; coincidingly exactly when superimposed”.

When you converse with some from USPS HQ you here a lot of great things.  HQ tells you they want excellent customer service.  They talk about being customer focused.  When they hear about some of the incredible things we experience in the field they seem baffled and tell you that is not what is supposed to be happening.  HQ is either a) Incredibly naive  b) Ignorant of the Truth or c) double talking.  Which is true is up for debate.

I recently heard of District Manager in a meeting between a USPS Customer, a USPS Service Provider and the USPS, tell the Customer the Service Provider was at fault when the Service Provider did exactly what the USPS told him to do.    This is NOT being Customer Focused.  Customer focused is not denying responsibility or trying to shift blame.  Customer focus is looking at all aspects of situation and determining what has caused a problem and working with that customer to find a solution.   Customer focused is Recognizing the importance of Service Providers.  Understanding that Service Providers keep the USPS in business is being  Customer focused.

The USPS needs to begin taking responsibility from the top down for their errors and mistakes.   When their equipment fails and destroys properly prepared mail, they need to own the responsibility.  They need to stop trying to defend everything and instead focus on solutions.

Clerks, BMEU Staff, and others need to realize the purpose of their positions is to figure out how to get more business for the USPS not be policeman.  To many of these clerks think they are all about dotting I’s and crossing T’s.  Instead they need to realize they are to help the customer get their packages and communications to their end user.

I’ll stop my rant for now . . . Come back later..  We will have more..

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