Postage Meter

So you have decided it is time to seek an alternative to your present postage meter vendor or add one to your office.   Before you begin, You should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my current postage volume?  (You can use dollars or pieces, you can assume that you do about 3 pieces of mail for every $3.00 you spend in postage.   This covers the 1 oz pieces and then the pieces that weigh more than 1 oz or have special services.
  2. Determine if you company uses any special services (i.e. Certified Mail, Registerd, insured, etc)
  3. Is your mail predominately invoices, letters, etc.  Things that fit in a basic Business Envelope?  Describe any special features of your mail
  4. Who will be using the machine?  The entire office or dedicated staff?
  5. When is mail processed?  (10 min before the mail man arrives, As the mail is created,  End of day?)
  6. Do you have any Peek Volume periods?  (Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?  Some companies may have a low daily volume but once per month a very high volume during statement runs.)

Please keep the answers to these questions in mind as you examine the options before you.  Do not be afraid to call South West Mailing Systems to receive a No Obligation review of your mailing needs.

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