Post Office Is It worth it?

Many people in our world question the value of the ongoing Post Office (USPS).  The simple truth is the USPS remains the most cost effective way to communicate in hard copy.   No other service exists where you can send hard copy from Miami to Anchorage for  $0.49.   This rate drops by $0.03 by simply using a postage meter.  The drop is even more significant if you are doing more than 500 pieces at a time and can do some of the prep work for the USPS.  This rate can drop by $0.117 if your mailing contains 150 pieces to a single zip code.   Bottom line, Great discounts exist.  The rate can get as low as $0.207 if it is marketing mail and properly prepared.

The USPS also remains the best rate for small packages under 5 lbs to a residence.   To get the best rates, don’t take it to the counter at the USPS.  Instead use one of the many resources available to save anywhere from 10% to 25% but simply doing a little of the work for the USPS.

Above and beyond the dollars and cents is the “SENSE” of the USPS concept.  No other carrier delivers to every address in USA.   The USA is unique in providing every resident a mail delivery.   Although no public funds are used to support or prop up the United States Postal Service, it could be stated that providing this service could be a public service that should be subsidized.   The service not only allows governmental communication with all residents, it also allows business access to them.   Think about running any kind of consumer focused business involving service or credit where the consumer did not have a confirmed address.

Although the use of the Post Office has and continues to evolve, we still find it incredible neccessary for life as we know it today.

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