Questions raised by some of our Current Clients

South West Mailing Systems is Small.

  • Yes we are.  Since when has size indicated quality service. i.e. The companies receiving the worst customer service rating are the some of largest.
    • We are large enough to service our customer base.
  • Live answering of phone calls.
    • That is true we are not always in the office.  We do provide our cell numbers in case you need to reach us faster.
  • We have a limited set of products
    • Frankly we have a large set of products.  We can meet any mailing need you may have.  We source through a variety of channels to meet your needs.
  • Changing creates problems
    • We all make changes every day.  That is how most companies grow.  You never know if you can receive better more efficient service if you do not change.
    • Simply notify your present LEASE CO. that you intend to return your equipment.  We will setup your new agr.
  • South West Mailing Systems does not use parties, electronics, lunches, trips, and other clandestine incentives to persuade you to buy.  We believe you should acquire the equipment you need from honest forthright companies that meet your needs.
  • Service – South West Mailing Systems has taken multiple service agreements from the competition and our clients could not be more pleased.  They know they receive the best from us at a fair and reasonable rate.
  • We only sell solutions that we believe will work.  We do not sell a solution and then try to make it work.  We work hard BEFORE the sale to make sure it will work for you and provide proof of success. You will not be left waiting for a solution after the sale.
  • We believe in Consistent pricing.  We don’t over charge you so we charge the next guy less because of competition.  We provide an fair and honest price the first time.

    What the internet says!   We can all find negative stuff about the competitors online.  Most of the negatives about FP are people who bought through telemarketing and had no local support.   We are a local dealer we are here to help.  We are your first point of contact.